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Real Estate Pioneers Honored

I’m delighted to share that I was recognized last week as a “Pioneering Woman in Real Estate.”

Eleven (female) co-honorees and I were selected for outstanding accomplishments in real estate, a field still dominated by men.

It was a great feeling to share this honor with an amazing group of women who are making a difference in the real estate industry. Together we represented just about every aspect of the profession, including development, architecture, construction, sustainability, law, brokerage and marketing.

The leadership demonstrated by our group ranged from entrepreneurs who have built substantial, impactful firms to senior executives in well-established, global behemoths. Together we are having an impact on projects throughout the country including the redevelopment of the World Trade Center here in lower Manhattan as well as the construction, leasing and marketing of industrial, office and retail properties from New Jersey to California.

“Pioneering Women” (with a few good men...yours truly in green)

“Pioneering Women” (with a few good men...yours truly in green)

Corporate business leaders, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, philanthropists and politicians gathered at Club 101 in NYC for the awards ceremony and were treated to keynote presentations by Sara Mirski, Executive Director of Real Estate Development at the Sapir Organization, and Mary Dietz, who is overseeing the design of the 500,000 square foot retail “hub” at the World Trade Center for Silverstein Properties.

Sara, Mary, and I, and our co-honorees are determined to help women continue to break through the so-called “glass ceiling” and add value throughout the real estate industry by consistently demonstrating extraordinary capability, unflagging work ethic and a sense of humor, through good, as well as challenging times.

The event was sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Silverstein Properties and a portion of the proceeds were donated to NEW: Nontraditional Employment for Women.

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