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Bite Size Breaking News

Residential Real Estate Goes Beyond Hotelification

In past Bite Size posts we’ve reported on the trend of incorporating hospitality amenities into retail, office and residential real estate. Some innovative multi-family owners are going one (or more) step(s) further. Examples include the Bozzuto Group, which manages 72,000 apartments throughout the East Coast, and is programming building lobbies with pop-up retail shops and farmers’ markets. Ollie’s, a purveyor of co-living properties in New York City and Pittsburgh, offers tenants a continuous schedule of planned events, including sunset yoga sessions, ski trips, and discounted sporting and cultural events. Pretty soon, we won’t have to leave home to work, shop or play. Learn more

Extreme Weather Events: The New Normal for U.S. Coastal Cities

According to Urban Land Magazine, Provincetown, MA, at the tip of Cape Cod, experienced three 40-year storms in the winter of 2018 (a 40-year storm has a 1-in-40 chance of occurring in a year) and will eventually have to lift hundreds of homes at least 6 feet to avoid flooding. Florida and Texas experienced devastating hurricanes in 2018 and the Carolinas were pummeled just last week by Hurricane Dorian. On the West Coast, California is persistently challenged by drought and rampant wildfires. Policy makers and real estate owners have increasingly taken note, but their response so far has been tepid considering the likely cost that governments, tax payers and property owners will face as a result of this increasingly destructive new normal. Learn more

Experiential Retail Gets Really Cold

Canada Goose, the global retailer that sells extreme weather outerwear, has raised the bar for what it means to provide an authentic retail experience. In 11 stores throughout the world, it has installed ‘cold rooms’ where temperatures are maintained at around -27 Fahrenheit. Without ever leaving the store, customers can experience the warmth of a Canada Goose parka in spite of frigid temperatures so extreme that, as one cold room attendee put it, their face felt like it would fall off. Learn more

Car Sharing Shrinks Parking Requirements

Cities, counties and states throughout the U.S. are implementing parking policies to stimulate car-sharing as an alternative to traditional car ownership. The zoning code in Austin, Texas was recently amended to reduce off-street parking requirements by up to 40% for developers who commit to providing shared vehicles for residents’ use. Minneapolis has committed to offer shared vehicles in city-owned parking facilities. Denver permits a reduction of five off-street parking spaces for each on-site car-sharing space provided. Colorado, Minnesota and Florida exempt car-sharing vehicles from daily car rental taxes and Arlington County, Virginia offers a reduction of up to 50% of parking requirements for projects with car-sharing agreements that are at least three years in duration. Learn more

ULI NY Speaker Series: Real Estate & Politics Featuring Richard Florida

Please join Ellen Sinreich and ULI NY for the first NY Speaker Series program featuring Richard Florida, one of the foremost urban studies theorists, prolific author, professor and Head of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Mr. Florida will focus on the impact of politics on real estate. The program will take place in New York City on October 16th. Stay tuned for registration information.


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