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The Sinreich Group is a New York City based real estate law firm that represents public and private sector clients in connection with the acquisition, development, leasing, financing, repositioning and disposition of real estate throughout the country.

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Making Real Estate Real - Keys to Successful Place Making

In a recent article in Urban Land Magazine about the importance of authenticity when it comes to place making, the author focused on the following principles for infusing projects with the ingredients that will attract residents, guests, tenants and customers across generations: let nature lead; create shared experiences, embrace art, inspire total immersion; keep it local; be true to tradition; cultivate co-creation; keep wild things wild; think small; speak through storytellers; perfect the packaging; play with food; harness the power of myth; add live music; and put down roots. Learn more

Inside Walmart's Intelligent Retail Lab

Walmart has transformed its Levittown, NY neighborhood market store into an artificial intelligence (AI) testing lab for technologies that could transform its brick-and-mortar presence. This 50,000 square foot store is filled with AI enabled cameras, interactive displays and a data center. Walmart plans to start with realistic, practical applications designed to solve problems such as the need for better inventory control and more efficient restocking of shelves as well as making sure shopping carts and open registers are available as needed. Learn more

Construction Innovation Improves the Bottom Line

A recent multi-family development in Atlanta employed a new design/build system for light-gauge structural steel construction named Prescient that resulted in a 20-25% reduction in overall project costs as well as a 5 month shorter construction period. The materials and construction methodology that embody the Prescient system enabled the developer to add four more floors of height than would have been possible with competing structural systems, lock in hard pricing earlier and reduce cost contingencies that would otherwise have been required. Learn more

States Embrace Marketplace Fairness

One year ago this month the Supreme Court overturned the 26 year precedent that allowed sellers without a physical presence to sell their wares tax free to residents in states that otherwise required the collection of sales tax. Since then 42 of the 45 states with sales taxes have passed legislation or enacted regulations requiring so-called 'remote' sellers to collect sales tax from online purchasers. The majority of these states require sales tax collection only after a seller has reached a threshold level of online revenues or number of sales transactions. Learn more

The “Hotelification” of Real Estate

During this recent ULI New York panel discussion moderated by Ellen Sinreich, Managing Principal of The Sinreich Group, panelists Keneth A. Himmel, President & CEO of Related Urban, Ryan Simonetti, Co-Founder & CEO of Convene, Craig Deitelzweig, President & CEO of Marx Realty and Dave Barry, President of Ironstate Development described how they are incorporating hospitality amenities into retail, residential and office properties throughout the country as a means of differentiating their properties and increasing the bottom line. Learn more

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