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The Sinreich Group is a New York City based real estate law firm that represents public and private sector clients in connection with the acquisition, development, leasing, financing, repositioning and disposition of real estate throughout the country.

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Pop-Up Hospitality Provider Picks Up Residential Slack

Pop-up hospitality provider WhyHotel operates temporary hotel accommodations in vacant apartments during the lease-up phase of new residential developments. With 3 current locations in Arlington, Baltimore and D.C, WhyHotel just raised $10M and intends to open at six other D.C. area locations before expanding to other U.S. markets. Learn more

34 States Enact Sales Tax Legislation Targeting Out of State Retailers

Following the Supreme Court South Dakota v. Wayfair decision in June of this year, thirty four states will have enacted laws by January 2019 enabling them to collect sales tax from out-of-state retailers. Most of these states are enacting triggering thresholds similar to those of South Dakota, where online sales exceeding $100,000 or in excess of 200 transactions push the sellers over the sales tax threshold. Learn more

Brookfield to Convert GGP Malls into Mixed-Use Mini Cities

Having acquired GGP’s 125 mall portfolio for $14.8B, Brookfield has announced that it will redevelop 100 of those properties into what it calls mixed-use “mini cities” by adding office and residential uses and will sell the remaining 25. Learn more

Clicks to Bricks Retail Will Continue to Accelerate

 According to How E-Commerce Brands Get Physical published by JLL, the expansion plans of 100 of the top online retailers will include the opening of 850 physical stores over the next five years. These retailers include Allbirds, Casper and Adore Me. While some major e-commerce brands like Bonobos and M. Gemi operate showroom locations without inventory, that accounts for only 15.1% of clicks-to-bricks stores. JLL found that more than half of the clicks-to-bricks retailers start with a pop-up store in New York City and more than one third then opened their first permanent location there too. Learn more

ULI New York Real Estate Outlook 2019

Please join Ellen Sinreich and ULI New York for the annual Real Estate Outlook and presentation of Emerging Trends in Real Estate on January 29th at TheTimesCenter in New York City. Hear from industry veterans and development visionaries on where to place your bets in 2019 and key insights into the forces that are shaping the real estate business in the New York metro region. Register here

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